Cartomancy – divination by playing cards. Especially suitable system for questions that need short simple straight-to-point answers: for getting workable grasps on difficult life situations, for identifying key problems to address or tensions to navigate, and for establishing concrete plans of action. 



Tarot - perhaps the most well-known form of divination. Especially useful for conducting general life readings: assessments on matters such as one’s life, work, love affairs, and creative projects. It is a system with a lot of room for showing you a different side or angle on something, providing ample and subtle perspectives, warnings and encouragements.

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 Geomancy - a form of divination that offers grounded focused answers to fundamental questions, and shows how an issue relates to deeper forces and patterns, and the wider ecology of your life. It is grounded and practical, while also providing more mystical perspectives and meditations, as well as a powerful system of magic for acting on the insights it reveals.


Prescriptions from the Doctor

Crucially, my consults offer recommendations: what to do about the situation analysed, in order to further your goals. These recommendations, prescriptions and proscriptions combine strategies for better decision-making and for performing helpful magical actions. Such actions take into consideration matters such as behaviour, diet, and basic well-being, as well as occult and energetic considerations. As such, my consults present both practical and subtle remedies and regimen. These usually include encouraging the use of certain magica materia – often particular herbs considered helpful for your purposes – and particular ritual actions, such as spiritual bathing, candle spells, or the construction and carrying of talismanic objects. I can also offer to perform some of these magical operations, empowerments, and altar-workings on a client’s behalf, at additional cost. These prescribed magical workings can be one-off rites or regimes, or they can be the beginning of extended magical coaching services I offer.

If you are unclear about what kind of service would be best for you, or if you have any other inquiries, commissions, or questions, feel free to contact me at and allow me to advise you on which service best suits your needs.