Cat Magics: The Feline in Religion, Witchcraft & Sorcery

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Cat Magics: The Feline in Religion, Witchcraft & Sorcery


A self-contained one-off class package exploring the wealth of magic, folklore, mythology, and mysticism focused around cats; combining a 90-minute long-form illustrated lecture with access to full scans of pre-modern primary sources on the magic of cats, along with the illustrated slides and further recommended reading.

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The cat is one of the most prominent and iconic of witch's familiars. An emissary of several pagan goddesses, ethereally aloof, effortlessly diabolic - they have long been considered to be potent magical agents in the worlds of both matter and spirit. 

In this class-bundle, professional diviner and consultant sorcerer Dr Alexander Cummins will take us through some of the many ways cats have played a role in human spirituality and magic. From records of Bast and cat-headed sun gods in the religion and sorcery of the ancient world, to their appearances, uses and meanings in medieval grimoires of both high ceremonial ritual and everyday folk magic. And from the Black Cat of African-American Conjure for works of gambling and fortune - that is, feline sorceries of luck and the stealing of the luck of others - to Black Cat Bone of Cyprianic traditions of magic, and from the Cat Sidhe of Irish legend, to the King of Cats in European folklore. And of course the appearances and actions of witches' familiars in trial records, and how they were worked with in order to - amongst other things - bring curses upon enemies...

A full contents of the illustrated lecture runs:

Introduction: All Cats Are Magic!
The Cat In Ancient Egypt
Herodotus on the Festivities at Bubastis
Cats in the Greek Magical Papyri
Invisibility Spells!
The Chariot of Freya
Cats in Medieval Demonic Magic
Feline Grimoire Spirits
The Witch's Familiar
Natural (Occult) Philosophy of the Cat
Early Modern Occult Felines
Catty Humours
The Familiar Spirit Rutterkin
The Black Cat in Cyprianic Magic
A Working to 'To Go Invisible'
'To See What Others Cannot See'
Feline Folk Magic of Norway
Lucky Black Cat Bone
Hoodoo Crossroads Rites
The Black Cat in African-American Conjure
The Cait Sidhe
The King of Cats!