Planetary Sorcery 101: A Primer of Seven Astrological Magics

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Planetary Sorcery 101: A Primer of Seven Astrological Magics


A self-contained one-off class introducing the Seven Classical Planets, combining a two-hour long-form illustrated lecture with access to full scans of early modern primary sources on astrological magic, along with the illustrated slides and further recommended reading. No prior knowledge of astrology or magic is assumed.

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From the skies of ancient Babylon, to the manuscripts of formal medieval angel magic, and even to some modern uses of crystals, the seven classical planets have been an incredibly significant part of European magic for almost as long as records have been kept.

The material focuses on introducing the Seven Planets - Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon - outlining their natures, the forms of their operation and significations in the world, their occult virtues, and their uses in magic. Seven simple magical workings - one for each planet - are suggested, combining traditional early modern planetary magic, cunning-craft, and modern folk magic; including charm bags, spiritual baths and candle spells.

This class-bundle is designed to be useful to absolute beginners, veteran sorcerers, and everyone in between. It will provide foundational knowledge and training on some essential questions for planning and executing magical operations: which planet or planets are best to appeal to for a particular issue? When exactly should I time my magical operation? How can I get the most out of my astrological sorcery?

This class-bundle includes:

            An illustrated lecture of two hours duration
            Nine primary source documents concerning early modern astrological magic
            Bibliography of further reading

A full table of contents of the lecture itself runs:

            Planetary Sequences
            Days of the Week
            Theories of Magic
            Magical Principles of Organisation and Operation
            Occult Virtues
            Theurgy & Thaumaturgy
            Planetary Ritual
            A Planetary Altar

 The Moon
          Lunar Significations
          A Lunar Prayer
          Spirits of the Moon
          A Lunar 'Happy Home' Spell

                     Martial Significations
                     A Martial Prayer
                     Spirits of Mars
                     A Martial Protection Spell

                      Mercurial Significations
                      A Mercurial Prayer
                      Spirits of Mercury
                      A Mercurial Road Opening Spell

                        Jupiterian Significations
                        A Jupiterian Prayer
                        Spirits of Jupiter
                        A Jupiterian Money-Drawing Spell

                        Venusian Significations
                        A Venusian Prayer
                        Spirits of Venus
                        A Venusian Love Spell

                        Saturn's Rulerships
                        A Saturnine Prayer
                        Spirits of Saturn
                        A Saturnine Protection Charm Bag

            The Sun
                        Solar Significations
                        A Solar Prayer
                        Spirits of the Sun
                        A Solar Success Oil

            Planetary Circlets
            Planetary Timing
            The Planetary Body
            Planetary Haunts

The full list of primary sources included in this class-bundle runs:

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, trans. JF (London, 1651)
Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, trans. Robert Turner (London, 1665)
Joseph Blagrave, Blagrave's Astrological Practice of Physick (London, 1671)
Israel Hiebner, Mysterium Sigillorum, Herbarum & Lapidum: containing a compleat cure of all sicknesses and diseases of mind and body by means of the influences of the seven planets (London, 1698)
William Lilly, Christian Astrology (London, 1647)
John Middleton, Practical Astrology (London, 1679)
Paracelsus, Of the Supreme Mysteries of Nature, Of the Spirits of the Planets, trans. Robert Turner (London, 1655)
Richard Saunders, The Astrological Judgment and Practice Physick (London, 1677)
George Simotta, A Theater of Planetary Hours (London, 1631)