Sorcery for Tattoos


Sorcery for Tattoos


A self-contained one-off class on occult perspectives and magical techniques for tattoo design and ritual, combining a long-form illustrated lecture with access to full scans of the pre-modern magical texts cited and explored, with a bibliography and full set of suggested reading to follow up this class.

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Sorcery for Tattoos is a downloadable class: a two-hour illustrated lecture; the lecture slides themselves; a bibliography of the works mentioned and some suggested further reading; and full pdf scans of the pre-modern magical texts discussed.

The class focuses on how tattooing - both receiving and producing - can be approached magically. Some historical groundwork and precedent is explored, before considering the practical necessities, possibilities, and implications for (further) ritualising the planning, implementation, and integration of body art and artisanship. 

Specifically, this class analyses and offers suggestions for making meaningful, purposeful art; placement of markings on the body; utilising magical timing to empower your sessions and the final work; consecration techniques for self and space; explorations of image magic in theory and practice for developing tattoo content; and the uses of divination to help make meaningful decisions about these matters.

The full contents of the two-hour lecture run:


"Western" Magical Principles
Occult Virtue
Early Modern Tattooing
Early Modern Body Writing Magics
Magical Branding



Placement and Melothesia

The Planetary Body
The Magic of the Days of the Week
Planetary Hours


Self and Space
Magical Speech


Image Magic
How to Make Magical Images
Astrological Images
Parchment Lamen
Botanical Image Magic
Planetary Sigils
Zodiacal Sigils
Pentacles of Solomon
Geomantic Figures and Seals


How to Plan and Decide...


Stirring the Sacred