Saint Raphael the Archangel

raphael frontcover.png

Vanessa Irena and Alexander Cummins, Saint Raphael the Archangel
A Guide to the Underworld (Hadean Press, 2018)

Archangel Raphael – whose name is sometimes translated as “the Medicine of God” – is a patron of all matters related to medicine and healing. Scripture and Apocrypha foreground Raphael as a powerful teacher, a protector of travelers, a binder of demons, and a psychopomp. Drawing from a wide range of sources – from folk tradition to formal ceremonial ritual magic, and from grimoiric texts to biblical apocrypha – this pamphlet provides prayers and formulae, as well as guidelines for shrine-building, offerings, correspondences, and magical workings for developing a relationship with this powerful Archangel.

In this Guide you will find information on how to create a shrine, what offerings are appropriate, recipes for oils, baths, and a charm bag, conjurations of Raphael, his seals, as well as a wealth of various prayers to the archangel. 

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