Fundamentals of Astrological Magic: Review

I am delighted to boast of a very favourable recent review of my Fundamentals of Astrological Magic online workshop series! It comes from astrologer and magician Goritsa Svortsan:

'If you want to learn what astrological magic is all about, this is the webinar to get. It is a comprehensive, very well-presented and informative course, discussing a broad range of topics: astrological talismans, pentacles, sigil bags, amulets, charm packets, lamens, kameas, spirit conjurations, the use of materia, and much more. Including my favorite topics of planetary dirt magic, exposing your talismans to specific planetary locations, the use of astrological magic in medicine, and the tones in which to summon the spirits of different planets.

The lectures are based in primary historical sources: Agrippa, Hiebner, Ashmole, Blagrave, the Picatrix, and others. I am not a beginner in this area, as I have been studying and practicing astrological magic for many years, but I learned a lot from Dr. Al Cummins. I enjoyed his interesting, clear lecturing style. This webinar is a must for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The only question I was left with after listening to the recordings of his seminars was: "do salamanders dream of elemental sheep?"'

If anyone is rendered curious by the reference to "elemental sheep", I can especially recommend my second workshop on astrological Spirits which goes into Paracelsus' ideas of elemental spirits - including the (frankly adorable) notion that they herd elemental cattle.

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