Fundamentals of Astrological Magic: Testimonial

Having conducted my Fundamentals of Astrological Magic webinar series once already back in August we have the advantage of having some folks able to give testimonials about it for people wondering whether to sign up for any of the second run of any of these three webinars.

So here - for anyone unsure about whether these online workshops are for them - is a report from one workshopper:

"I would strongly recommend Dr. Cummins' Fundamentals of Astrological Magic to people of all background and levels of understanding. I am coming back to the magic after several years pursuing other interests. My knowledge of astrology is a little rusty, and I was initially worried this course would be too advanced for me. Fortunately, it wound up being exactly what I needed to establish a foundational understanding of the subject. 

Al does a really good job of giving a broad overview, enabling you to understand the larger framework, before diving into specific examples that get into the finer details. By going back and forth between a bigger picture understanding and concrete examples, he brings the abstract principles of astrology and occult philosophy down to earth, making it easy to understand how to practically apply them in magickal workings. 

After the course was finished, I had an infinitely better understanding of how astrological affinities play out in occult workings, and that has helped me chart the future progress of my own magickal practice."

If you're interested in reading more about the workshops, here's a breakdown.