Planetary Incantation Webinar Series

[This post announced a new webinar series back in the first half of 2017. While the livecast webinars are now over, you can still get hold of the recordings over here at Kepler College. These can be purchased individually or as a discounted seven-part set. Links below have been updated.]


I'm very pleased to announce that I am teaching a new webinar-based workshop series with Kepler College - this time on the prayer, poetry and performance of planetary incantations, invocations and other forms of magical speech acts.

After teaching my Fundamentals of Astrological Magic webinar series (recordings of which are available here) to a warm and enthusiastic reception, I have been wanting to teach another series concentrating on planetary magic. While there are many different aspects of such a field of astrological sorcery, I chose to focus on the historical texts and different approaches and techniques for speaking them. 

In my years teaching public speaking, creative writing, and performance poetry, I've had the good fortune to experience and consider a wide variety of methods of vocalising, embodying, and otherwise performing texts. As such, I'm very excited to get to share some of these skills with folks interested in the power of the Planets - whether expressly working planetary sorcery or simply interested in a deeper appreciation of the Stars in their astrological understanding and practice. 

So if you're interested in discussing the occult philosophy and magical efficacy of not just "magic words" but breath, posture, prosody, tonality, volume, gesture and other features often overlooked when discussing actually doing astrological magic, please check out Planetary Incantations.

As always, the series is modular - each two-hour workshop focuses on one of the seven classical planets, and tickets can be bought for individual sessions without needing to attend others. If you are only interested in, say, the war cries of Mars, there's nothing to stop you only attending that class. If however, after that session, you become interested in balancing that bloodlust with some passionate Venus work (and, of course, much astrological magic is a matter of balance), you can buy another individual ticket and take that workshop too a few weeks later. Recordings for each of the workshops will be available once the course is finished. And, as always, if you do decide to take all seven workshops, there's a big old package deal discount. Also as always, tickets for individual sessions will come with a free recordings of the workshop soon after the live webinar.