Geomancy Foundation Course Testimonials II


In gearing up to teach the next cycle of my Geomancy Foundation Course, I have been going through student correspondence and collating the reviews and feedback of those who took the last round of the training. 

I've already posted one longer review of the course so that prospective students wondering if this is for them can see a bit more of what it's about. So here are two very brief further testimonials, detailing a little more about the course and the support offered during and afterwards. 

Dr. Cummins’s Geomancy course is an asset to any student of divination from the beginner to the advanced. His experience gives life to these geomantic markings, providing historical context with a modern application. He creatively illustrates each figure and coupling with an in-depth informative flair while providing advice on how to apply techniques for personal and client use. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and heartily recommend it to others!

Sarah W

'I attended Dr. Cummins' geomancy course, and was also fortunate enough to meet with him afterwards for an in-person, combination geomancy/cartomancy reading regarding a sort of rut I found myself in with my own spirit/magical work.  The class brilliantly resonated and paved the foundation for something I do every day now.  Beside being all around approachable & cool, he is profound in his knowledge of magics, history, & seemingly everything else.  I personally continue to benefit from our exchanges, and his suggestions.'

Stew G

For those interested in reading more about geomancy you can check out this summary of some modern works here, or peruse a collection of downloadable primary sources I made available here, or read some thoughts on geomantic talismans and spellcraft here, as well as look over details about the upcoming Geomancy Foundation Course itself here. We start at the beginning of February and I'm very eager to kick off this latest cycle of teaching! And remember, you can always email me at