Upcoming Astrological Magic Anthology


Just a quick announcement: an essay of mine will be included in a new anthology entitled The Celestial Art: Essays on Astrological Magic published by Three Hands Press and edited by my friend, professional astrologer Austin Coppock. My chapter is entitled 'The Azured Vault: Astrological Magic in Seventeenth-century England' and addresses charm-packets, seals, sigil-bags, kamea, magic rings, and lamen, as well as examining the conjuration practices of these early modern astrologers, interrelations with geomancy and geomantic magic, and the some of the magical importances of wearing the black robes of a doctor. 

I rub shoulders with some actual luminaries in the field of astrology in this collection, and I'm very excited to be part of this wonderful wave of new research and perspectives on these rooted and blossoming traditions of star sorcery. Here's the Table of Contents for goodness' sake:

AARON CHEAK, PHD Thigh of Iron, Thigh of Gold
FREEDOM COLE The Pulsation of the Cosmos
AUSTIN COPPOCK A Feast of Starlight
AL CUMMINS, PHD The Azured Vault
DEMETRA GEORGE Thessalos of Tralles: On the Virtues of Herbs
BENJAMIN DYKES, PHD The Planetary Magic among the Harrānian Sābians
JOHN MICHAEL GREER Sources of Power in Medieval and Modern Magic
LEE LEHMAN, PHD The Conjunction of Electional Astrology and Magic
JASON MILLER The Perfect and the Good
ERIC PURDUE On Identifying Presiding Daemons and Geniuses from an Astrological Chart
DANIEL A. SCHULKE The Planetary Viscera of Witchcraft

Ridiculous, I know. So many excellent thinkers, astrologers, and magicians. This collection also marks a dream realised as my essay officially exists alongside an essay written by my beloved, Mallorie Vaudoise of Italian Folk Magic

Anyway, you can find out more and pre-order this special anthology of starry wisdom here.