RFG: Episode 8 - Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


My wonderful friend and co-host Jesse Hathaway Diaz and I have a new episode of our podcast Radio Free Golgotha up! This one, on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul: brought to you by the herb basil, the stone sapphire, the tarot card The Hierophant, and the dead magician Honorius.  While we had hoped to get around to also discussing the geomantic figure of Puer, the devil Serguthy, the Exu Mirim, and magic swords, we ran out of time this time!

As always, it is a pleasure to make this podcast and I hope you enjoy it. If you have pre-existing pacts with the demon Facebook, consider following our Radio Free Golgotha page for new episodes and links to things mentioned in previous 'casts. 

May the Saints of Crossed Keys and Sword preserve you!