Two Conversations

I was lucky enough to appear on two podcasts of somewhat different emphases (relatively) recently. I figured there was a concision in presenting these two conversations together. (Also, yes. I like being able to reference the works of emo stalwarts The Appleseed Cast in my blogpost titles…)

The first conversation was with Alexander Eth of Glitch Bottle. I was delighted to be invited back for a second time onto GB after talking grimoires, the Excellent Book, and the Solomonic tradition of conjuration the last time. This round, Alex and I got deep into geomancy - both as a specific oracle, and what it can teach us about divination's role for magicians more generally. We also explored some of my work in developing a geomantic spell-craft for both remediating charts, securing good outcomes, and operative sorcery. Finally, we began geeking out hard about the Heptameron! Specifically, we talked the ins and outs of this system of planetary angel magic, some FAQs, tips and tricks for getting the most out of it, and even how it relates to my geomantic divination, spellcraft, and spiritwork.

I love chatting with Alex: his passion for the subjects and practices of magic shines through, and he consistently demonstrates the light touch of a great interviewer gently steering the discussion towards inclusivity for listeners of a range of experience and expertise, all without compromising depth or insight. He's also disarmingly complementary, which both flatters and unnerves me...

My second conversation was with my old friend, the poet, author, gamer, father, and excellent dude Tim Clare. We recorded this chat for Death Of 1000 Cuts, his podcast centred around creative writing. It was especially lovely to get to at least attempt to bring up some practical occult philosophy and magical activities to writers, performers, and editors, as this type of exploration often feels like making this kind of work and methodologies more accessible to folks outside occulture. Just as I think it is essential for magicians to look to how other creative disciplines engage with and interogate their craft, so I hope magic can be useful for folks who might not otherwise consider themselves terribly "spiritual" or "witchy".

Chatting with Tim always inspires and uncovers enthusiasms I can be somewhat prone to under-appreciate, and one of my favourite things in the world in general is to bounce such excitements off a friendly conversationalist. Needless to say, Tim is especially excellent at this, and his boundless curiosity and appreciation for ideas about how to create in the world is amazingly contagious. I encourage the magicians and witches reading this to check out some of Death of 1000 Cuts' other episodes for some great reflections on writing which often offer incredibly transferable skills for ritualists and spiritworkers.