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Dr Alexander Cummins is a consultant, diviner, writer, magician, and historian. He approaches ritual, divination, and sorcery both as a long-term practitioner and a historian of early modern magic. Dr Cummins has worked as a professional diviner for over a decade, and published several works on astrological magic, grimoires, and folk necromancy. He also provides training, workshops, and coaching in many aspects of magical theory and practice. Originally from the Midlands of the UK, Al now makes his home in Brooklyn, New York.



My consultation services are founded upon active listening, strategic analysis, and creative planning – all of which are informed by the use of divination. Divination can perhaps be thought of as a combination of analysis, poetry, assessment and ritual; all brought together to synthesise understanding and advice. Working in collaboration and through narratives of symbol and sign, diviner and client together explore patterns and processes to discern useful and above all practicable information for weighing options, making decisions, designing projects, and refining practices.

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Divination by playing cards is a very old and down-to-earth form of folk magic. Especially suitable system for questions that need short simple straight-to-point answers: for getting workable grasps on difficult life situations, for identifying key problems to address or tensions to navigate, and for establishing concrete plans of action. 


Tarot is perhaps the most well-known form of divination. Especially useful for conducting general life readings: assessments on matters such as one’s life, work, love affairs, and creative projects. It is a system with a lot of room for showing you a different side or angle on something, providing ample and subtle perspectives, warnings and encouragements. It is a thorough, rich, and nuanced oracle.


Geomancy is a form of divination that offers grounded focused answers to fundamental questions. It is a system of magic for acting on the astrological influences of everyday concerns and ambitions. Geomantic charts answer specific questions, which can then be assessed by discovering patterns in the relationships between the different aspects of your life. It offers practical life advice as well as insight into issues of a more mystical or magical nature.

magical coaching

I also offer coaching for people looking to improve an aspect of their magical practice, engage in serious research on a topic, or learn or brush up on ritual skills and techniques. Coaching is open to beginners or experts alike, and can cover everything from a quick check-in after a particularly powerful working, to instructions on how to perform or improve a specific ritual or work with a specific spirt, to more structured teaching on the theories and practices of occult philosophy and sorcerous spell-craft. Such coaching can often include divination to help guide you in your spiritual practice.


history as necromancy


Alexander Cummins, PhD is an historian, poet, and consultant whose practice centres around religion, philosophy, medicine, and magic. In particular, his work focuses on folk magic, necromancy, and divination.

His doctoral thesis from the University of Bristol explored the history of magical approaches to the emotions: from mapping personality with astrology, to managing emotionality with herbs and amulets, to the manipulations of aphrodisiacs, the evil eye, and the conjuration of spirits. His areas of research span topics such as folklore and sorcery, ghost stories and ancestor veneration, and handbooks of demonology and ritual magic.

Dr Cummins writes for both academic and esoteric publishers, facilitates a range of workshops and lecture series, teaches in both universities and and virtual classrooms, consults privately with clients and organisations, and speaks at a wide variety of events. Consultations, bookings, and inquiries can be directed to

Al is a proud member of the Grasping Kairos research network. He co-hosts the podcast Radio Free Golgotha with Jesse Hathaway Diaz of Wolf & Goat, and moderates the Facebook group Folk Necromancy. His favourite animal is the octopus. 


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Class-bundles are downloadable  one-off classes that give both an overview of a subject, and a number of primary and secondary sources that let you get an in depth understanding of it. They feature a recording of a long-form illustrated lecture, full scans of cited documents and literature - from pre-modern books of magic to treatises on occult philosophy and a variety of related sources - as well as bibliographies and recommended further reading lists, and supplementary supporting material - lecture notes, slides, and so on. They are free-standing independent modules on a variety of topics drawn from my research and practices.




Writings on necromancy and the philosophy of history.