BBC Radio 4 Shortcuts: Incantations

Finally fulfilling a prophecy veritably prognosticated by my incredibly supportive parents, I appeared on BBC Radio 4 recently. I was on the programme Shortcuts, talking to my friend, the poet and experimental writer and lovely lovely man Ross Sutherland. 


What we talked about were some ways in which poetry and magic related to one another, and together we explored how Ross could write and perform a poem as a magical act - a piece of art created with an explicit intention to change something. In this case, to help prepare to some day be a dad, and hopefully a good dad at that.

The episode in which all that and more occurs can be found right here

Being on the national wireless box was a wonderful opportunity to talk about my consultant sorcery practice, as well as just generally being a bit of A Massive Deal for me, having grown up with Radio 4 on in most rooms of the house. I'm very grateful to Ross and everyone at Shortcuts for having me on.

Oh, before you go - Ross makes an absolutely brilliant podcast called Imaginary Advice that I highly recommend. (My readers of expressly occult interests may enjoy Ross' story about a chaote exorcist, especially if they are also fans of Grant Morrison.) Folks might also enjoy Mr Sutherland's wonderful Standby For Tape Backup, a fantastic show about memory, video, death, and editing (extract here)(Guardian review here); or his documentary Every Rendition On A Broken Machine, which explores whether computers can write poetry.